Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thinking About Health

Happy Feet
We take the way our feet are designed for granted- that is until the start to hurt and even then we still don't treat them properly cramming them into shoes that are too tight(mainly women :D) and then walking.No wonder foot problems are such a common complaint. Most foot problems are actually preventable by understanding the way the foot works and using good footwear to support them.

These feet were made for walking, and thats just what they'll do
Each time you step, your heel strikes the ground first then you roll through the arches, over the ball of your foot and onto your toes. Your arches flatten slightly as they absorb the wight of your body. One foot continues to bear your weight until the heel of the other touches the ground. As you walk your big toe maintains your balance. The two outer metatarsals move to accommodate uneven surfaces, while the inner three stay rigid for support. So the worst think you can do for your foot is put on wrong fitting shoes because it stresses the foot. The hight heel is the worst thing you can do for your foot. 80% of foot problems are women actually. So forget about your long legs and save your feet! High heels actually make the body's weight fall onto the forefoot so the arches of the foot are not allowed to absorb the force.
A good shoe has a sole that is strong and flexible and provides a good gripping surface. Cushioned insoles help protect feet from hard surfaces. Arch supports help distribute weight over a broader area, just like the arches in your foot. Everyone looks for the perfect shoe that will make them look "fantastic" but the truth is no one ever even looks down there haha.A high-quality shoe is only worth buying if it fits! Shop for shoes later in the afternoon when your feet are at their biggest. One foot is just about always bigger than the other. The shoes you try on should feel comfortable immediately.
So happy feet for everyone :D

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