Sunday, October 19, 2008

My side of it

Sam just posted his first post, I'm not sure if he actually read the first one I put up, or the little "about us" post I sneaked in. He suggested I write about us tho- being.. well, in the situation that we are- engaged- but far, far apart.

To make the background short, I didn't think I'd ever get married but well, Sam came along and now I'm engaged. On some occasions I wonder what in the world got into me- or perhaps, what I've gotten myself into. Here's someone from a totally different culture and country, haven't known for very long - but well, hey- my parents and family really like him and so do I. We've got similar views on a lot of things and ... well basically I think it'll work out really well. (I'm hoping that anyway.)

We don't plan to marry anytime soon. We're both basically working students now and there's so much more to do before actually settling down and marrying - or at least that's how I feel- but despite all that- I'm happy and feel lucky to have him.

It's not exactly easy to be so far apart, but it's also not easy to be all too close while we're not yet married. I'm a bit more on the conservative side of things, so in a sense us being far apart will be much easier for certain things. It's been almost a month(!) since I last saw him. I've got at least a few more years to go before I actually see him again. Thank God for technology!

Anyway, that's all I'm willing to say now.

In relation to that first post I made, I had an odd dream last night about my pregnant German Shepherd. I dreampt that she gave birth already and there were like 13 puppies but 3 of them died. It was a pretty weird dream. She gave birth for the first time last year on December 22, unfortunately, the 3 puppies she gave birth to all died before or on December 25th. I never saw a more broken hearted dog. I couldn't believe how well she would pick up on my mood/feelings as well. The day one of her puppies died I quickly brought its little body out of the room she was in so that she wouldn't see it. But she kept looking and looking. And she kept looking at me like, "So, ok, cut the crap, where'd you put him?" The worst was on Christmas morning tho, when the last puppy died. I folded up all the blankets and put aside her whelping bed, and started crying when I was fixing up. She started crying in her dog way too. It only just made me sadder. For at least a couple months after that she kept on looking at me and doing her doggy cry- still asking where her pups went. Anyway, I'm praying we have better luck this time.

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