Thursday, October 23, 2008

My work mates are getting me down :(

What exactly is this world coming too? I work with about 5 people who have absolutely no life. They work all week so they can spend it all on alcohol and drugs. They don't even like the work they do. They have absolutely no appreciation at all for nature or the environment. They are just totally locked into their little world. So many people are like that that I know. They are totally destroying their bodies with the toxins they throw into it everyday. I can smell the toxins on them everyday they come to work. It's oozing out of them. I wish I could just slap them and tell them to wake up haha. A few of them are actually really nice people but they just have no purpose for their life. Work, drugs and fishing is about it haha. I'm not trying to criticize them and put them down. They are free to do whatever they want but I would hate to live my live and then look back on it and think "damn, I lived for nothing".

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